So I decided to spice up my Gentoo work station a little. I was having a little too much crud lying around like ldap and mysql support anyways. To get a more complete control over what was installed, I started moving away from using a list of use flags in make.conf by doing a

emerge -evp --columns world >> tmpfile

With that format it was easy to use an openoffice spreadsheet and insert from file with fixed width delimiters cut and then go through the file with emacs and do some search and replace to end up with the exact format that /etc/portage/package.use employs. Then, with the help of profuse and simple stuff like sed -i 's/ ldap/ -ldap/g' tmpfile I soon had the use flag settings I wanted. A nice side effect was that I also discovered the truetype flag which endowed me with pwettier apps on my desktop. While at it, I did a check for cflags and I noticed that since my gcc was now at a sufficient high level to be able to interpret the -march=core2, I put that in. Also found that my /proc/cpuinfo revealed the msse4.1 would be possible for my system. Good source of info this. Having done all that which took me quite a bit of time (there’s probably a much more efficient way I reckon =/ ). It was time for the good old rebuild all-script (I had also a new linux-headers to upgrade to):

PKGLIST="linux-headers glibc binutils-config binutils gcc-config gcc glibc binutils gcc system world"
for i in $PKGLIST
    emerge -q $i

It’s probably just my imagination but everything seems prettier and snappier =).


13 May 2009