When the computer geek in me grew up, I was excusively using Gentoo for all my needs. When I first started out learning about free software operating systems, I had used windows 98 for little more than playing Fallout and some other fun games.

In my early days (in like 2002, which is not very long ago I admit) as a GNU/Linux zealot I was installing from a minimal CD and going from stage-1 tarballs and working my way up. Wasn’t very exciting watching glibc compile on a PII 400hz.

As it tends to be much easier to stick to what you know best rather than changing preferences, I have continued to use and install Gentoo wherever the need arose. I have now done in the ballpark of fifty Gentoo installs. I have been a sysadmin for web and email services for this domain (aron.nu), a student’s commune for a couple of years, in a small consulting firm and with a research institute.

Back when I started out it was a great challenge and loads of fun setting up a system and keeping it updated. Now it’s almost too easy. I’m having a hard time disciminating between what’s me possessing more knowledge or Gentoo maturing, but I guess it’s a little of both.

Gentoo - a tad too easy?


11 October 2008