I have done observations regarding behavioural patterns. One is concerning the recruitment of new employees.

The right people have the right innate abilities and character traits. Not necessarily the specific knowledge and skills. Look for work ethic, dedication, and problem-solving ability. Not proficiency with a certain technology. Be less inclined to look for factors that have a high impact during the first few weeks of employment. Instead look for potential in the intermediate to long term. Because, if you are too concerned with the immediate future, you’re looking for a consultant, not an employee.

There can be a tendency to look a tad too much on the price tag. And not think too long about value created in a longer perspective. There may be a situation where two people are doing a worse job than than one person would. In the long run it is detrimental to company culture to be too dependant on loyalty. It is easy to underestimate the complexity of maintaining a workforce.


10 November 2007