I just found myself asking me that question. Allright, I am a nerd and I’m fine with that. Allright, I’m very persistent about orderliness and I’ve come to accept that as a part of my personality. Now, when using the commandline and bash in particular and you’ve written a command that you decide that you don’t want to execute, how do you go about clearing the cli row? Out of the possibilities I know I could choose CTRL+c which would be kinda natural and quite easy to type too. A perfectly fine alternative. But no. There’s another way to go about it; CTRL+u. A command which tells bash to erase to the beginning of the line. I feel alot better. You erase the characters you don’t want, no sloppy discard-all-in-one. And it’s important to me. Really. I keep my ~/tmp clean with reasonably regular intervals. Really not needed either. There are more examples. Randomness and disorder should be the the state which demands the least energy to maintain, no? Sometimes I wonder from whence the impetus originates…


31 January 2008